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Diagram of DAR.WIN's influence on ecommerce

Searching for the phrase “Machine Learning Ecommerce” doesn’t do much for the average online store runner who actually wants to try machine learning out and learn the basics without being overwhelmed. With the abundance of forecast articles that start with ‘By 2025’, you might be surprised to learn that machine learning tools are already available, easy to use, and affordable for mom-and-pop shops — tools like DAR.WIN!

We made DAR.WIN for ecommerce professionals who want to start using Machine Learning on their own sites without the overhead of expensive hardware, harsh learning curves, or complicated maintenance (we have a free, automated tier that you can set up in minutes!). Our users love our easy-to-navigate dashboard and have seen sales increase by over 20% shortly after getting started. In short, we wanted to make a consumer-friendly machine learning app that makes your life as a store runner easier and your store more profitable.

Gif of DAR.WIN metrics being measured
Big Data = Big Numbers — this is how DAR.WIN got so good at recommending cross-sale items.

Now, we’re providing some insights into the basics of how Machine Learning and ecommerce work together — and we want you to join us as we go.

In this channel, we’re going to be covering topics like:

  • The basics of Machine Learning for online store owners
  • What sorts of features you can expect from machine learning tools in ecommerce, like product recommendations, visitor segmentation, store personalization, real-time price adjustment, email cross-sales and cart replays
  • How to apply what you learn from your machine learning system to become a better store owner — both online and brick-and-mortar
  • Different approaches to Machine Learning for stores with varying inventories, dropshippers and dropshipping, virtual products and more

Machine Learning (and Artificial Intelligence, lest we forget) for ecommerce will continue to emerge as the primary means by which individual online retailers improve their sales performance —and we’re here to help figure out how to make it work for you so you don’t miss out!

If you happen to already have a Shopify store, you can try out DAR.WIN for free and let us know what sorts of visitor insights you’re gaining. If you have any questions about trying us out, we’re located in Brooklyn, NY and are always happy to chat!

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